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Monday, May 5, 2014

Setting up WNS on Windows Phone 8.1 - Part 2

Hi again everyone.

Just wanted to let you know of another problem in setting up the Windows Notification Service (Push notifications) on Windows Phone 8.1.

In my previous article I was following up the WNS tutorial from Microsoft, resolving an issue from step 2. As I supposed, this one is not the only one.

In Step 3 "Send the channel URI to your server" a System.NotSupportedException occurs when you try to read the server response using GetResponseAsync function.

It is a shame that Microsoft's official tutorial is so buggy. As in my previous post, not a single mention about possible error is available. At first I though there is a problem with Internet connection on my emulator. However it turned out that the problem is somewhere else and this exception is thrown when the request stream has not been flushed and closed before trying to read the response from server.

Many thanks to StackOverflow user Kristof Van De Voorde, who has proposed the solution to this issue.

Hope this will help someone.

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